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TII CSR Event - 50th UAE National Day

Verticals covered - Corporate Social Responsibility

Concept & Theme:
We built a village in an office space using authentic raw materials

- Falconry:
Employees had their greatest photo with a falcon! the falconer and the guide gave information about falcons and hunting in the past. They also got impressed with the information they received about how technology is used today in falconry!

- Emirati National Dress:
In this station employees learned everything about the national Emirati dress for men and women. All frequent questions we received about the national dress were covered and samples were displayed so employees could touch and check the material. Employees also got the chance to have some photos with some Emirati accessories with TII Instagram frame.

- Emirati Handicrafts & Henna:
Live demonstration of Emirati handicraft (saf and Telli) were showcased in this station, our Emirati host were present to explain to the employees about these Emirati handicrafts, guests also saw the final products made from these handicrafts as they were displayed in this station. Female employees enjoyed simple Henna design. Our Emirati hosts also explained about Henna, its importance during weddings, its uses and benefits specially in the old days.

- Etiquette of Arabic Coffee:
In this station Employees learned about the history of coffee, the traditional way of preparing Arabic
coffee, tools used in preparing the coffee, spices used in coffee and much more. Employees also learned
some secret messages in Arabic coffee.

- Arabic Calligraphy:
Here the employees had their name written in Arabic with flag colors to make it a lasting memory of this special day and celebrations!

- Fishing Net:
The employees enjoyed watching live demonstration of fishing net making. Fishing in the UAE was considered one of the main traditional occupations in the UAE for people who used to live close to the coastline.

- Demonstration of Pearl harvesting:
Employees learned about pearls and pearling, an Emirati guide gave the information about the importance of pearl diving in the past.

- Meet The Locals majlis
This cultural hub provided opportunities for the employees to meet locals Emiratis and interact with them to get knowledge about UAE heritage and culture. Employees enjoyed a sip of coffee and delicious dates with Emirati nationals, the floor was open in this majlis to ask the Emirati nationals anything related to Emirati culture and their lifestyle.

- Yoolah performances (Emirati dance performed by men with sticks)
A band performed Yoolah at regular intervals. After the performance employees were invited to
perform with them.

- The Nostalgic grocery:
Items Emirati people loved since their childhood were displayed and offered in this grocery. The items were displayed in a nice traditional way in baskets made from palm leaves. Our team member were present to explain to the employees about each item and employees were welcomed to try them.

- Live Cooking Station
Employees enjoyed the most famous and authentic Emirati sweet “Lqeemat” and bread “Reqaa”, all made live. Employees watched the process of making these food, took photos and videos and tried tasting them with their own favorite toppings. Our Emirati hosts gave all information about each food item being
prepared in this station.

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